About me...

Foto by Ines Männl

I'm a teacher of Vinyasa Flow, Budokon Yoga®, and bodyART™ ,  currently based in northern Germany. In addition, I'm a Thai-Yoga-Massage therapist and travel enthusiast. As a graduate from the T.Colin Campell Center of Nutrition and eCornell,  I'm also passionate about sharing the multiple benefits of a whole food, plant based nutrition in terms of optimal health, wellbeing, and athletic performance. Recently I successfully completed my training as a Plant Based Chef and Nutritionist (Plant Based Institute/Berlin).

Exercise has always been a part of my life. From childhood on I was involved in sports and dancing. At university, I discovered the benefits of yoga for the first time when attending an Ashtanga class. However, it took me a while before I considered becoming a yoga teacher myself. I started as a group fitness instructor, teaching different kinds of fitness formats, such as step aerobics, FLEXI Sports, and functional fitness classes like bodyART™ .

After experimenting with several yoga systems, I took up a regular Vinyasa practice and still love the flexibility and creativity of this style and the way it balances body and mind. I decided to delve deeper into yoga and began a 200 hr teacher training in 2010 with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel and Jennifer Yarro of Frog Lotus Yoga. In 2012, I finished my Advanced Teacher Training (+300 hrs) – also with Frog Lotus. I completed a Budokon Yoga® Teacher Training with Cameron Shayne soon after and got hooked on this unique transition-based hatha Yoga flow with Martial Arts circular influence and continuous rotation. At present, I'm working toward another 500 hr certification in Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank, an advanced training that focuses on a deeper understanding of anatomy & physiology and its application to the traditional yoga philosophy.

The majority of my classes are vigorous and energetic, but always with a strong focus on alignment, anatomy and breathing. I encourage my students to constantly surprise themselves by going beyond their limits and to approach yoga with a lot of fun and curiosity. In addition to my dynamic classes, I also teach more mellow, yin-style classes, often incorporating myofacial release techniques with tennis balls or a foam roller.