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Vinyasa Yoga

 I love the flexibility and creativity of Vinyasa yoga and the way it balances body, mind and spirit. Many teachers have inspired me, such as Max Strom, Doug Keller, Jenny Sauer-Klein, Twee Merrigan, and Kathryn Budig, but I also benefited from the knowledge of many other, less well-known teachers.  I finished my Advanced Teacher Training (+300 hrs) with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel and Jennifer Yarro of Frog Lotus Yoga in 2012.  At present, I'm working toward another 500 hr certification in Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank, an advanced training that focuses on a deeper understanding of anatomy & physiology and its application to the traditional yoga philosophy.

My classes are often vigorous and energetic, but always with a strong focus on alignment, anatomy and breathing. I encourage my students to constantly surprise themselves by going beyond their limits and to approach yoga with a lot of fun and curiosity. I also offer more mellow classes, which I like to complement with simple myofacial release techniques to improve the body's recovery and athletic performance.

Budokon® Yoga

Budokon®Yoga is unique: It combines classical Hatha Yoga elements with influences from various Martial Arts systems, Calisthenics, Animal Movements, and Meditation. In 2013, I became one of Germany's first certified Budokon®Yoga teachers. In the words of it's founder, Cameron Shayne, the Budokon® Yoga system can be summed up in one sentence: „Budokon Yoga is the art of seamless transition coupled with the beauty of circular rotation.“

It's not only about velocity and strength, but also about inner and outer balance. Budokon® is challenging even for advanced yoga practitioners, since the fluent movements require strength, concentration, and coordination.

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Developed  in 1995 by Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le, the bodyART™ concept is one of the most holistic workouts in the contemporary fitness sector. All exercises and positions require the use of several muscles throughout the body at the same time. The training can be specifically adapted to age and fitness grade to give beginners and those more advanced excellent training results.

 This training also requires no previous knowledge and all exercises are easy to learn but still challenging and effective. In a nutshell, bodyART™ is athletic, exhausting, simple and yet quite different from all known fitness programmes! In my bodyART™ classes you can see for yourself the benefits of this dynamic and fluid, yet calming and relaxing practice!

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai-Yoga-Massage is a blend of passive yoga, accupressure, osteopathy, and optional therapeutic flying elements from AcroYoga. Through special streches energy blockages will be removed, tensions will be loosened and the body will gain flexibility and strength.

Thai Yoga Massage is received in comfortable clothes on a floor mat. Normally no oils or lotions are used.

So far I was lucky to learn the practice of Thai Massage from inspiring teacher, such as Noam Tyroler, Arno L'Hermite, Jennifer Yarro, and especially Lucia Ullrich.

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