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Cool Masterclass @Cool Yoga, Dortmund and Bochum

on selected Sundays, 3.30-5.20 pm


Join Gilda and Natascha for 108 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga! This class is especially for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners who like to deepen their practice, play, and explore.

Regular check-in, no extra costs.


Upcoming events with Gilda:




Vinyasa Yoga @ Hotel sevenoaks, Cloppenburg

Join me for an open level Vinyasa Flow.

Thursday, 6.30-8 pm

@ sevenoaks Hotel


Hatha Morning Flow


10-11.30 am


Vinyasa Evening Flow

Thursday 7-8.15 pm

@Vitalis Essen/Oldenburg




Practice online with me on, In case you don't know Ekhartyoga yet, check out the website with over 1600 online yoga classes, various styles of yoga, and more than 20 inspiring teachers.

If you want to train outside of a studio's fixed schedule, I'm happy to offer private classes for all levels. No matter if you are a complete beginner and want to get familiar with yoga basics or a seasoned practitioner who is looking for new challenges, you can benefit from a one-on-one training. You will get an individual workout plan, custom-made for you and your goals. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Workshops and Teacher Trainings


Are you thinking about doing a teacher training in order to become a Vinyasa yoga teacher or "only" to deepen your practice and knowledge?

Currently, I'm honored to be on staff of four Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programmes: Internationally for Frog Lotus Yoga, Ekhart Yoga and in Germany for Happy Yoga, Coolyoga, and Nandi Yoga.

Here is an overview  of upcoming trainings where I'm co-teaching.


Summer Yoga Teacher Training in Graz/Austria

September 2020


The first time was success - now we are looking forward to the second Frog Lotus Teacher Training in German language!

Registration and more info about the German version of the FLY TT:

Yoga Holidays

Cultivating Your Self Practice

Exploration of Asana, Pranayama, and Yogic Diet


co-taught with Alicia Waters


April 30- May 7, 2020



Come explore how to structure a practice that is nourishing and sustainable for you. Rather than working from a template that assumes everyone needs the same things to thrive, we will build our concept of practice from the ground up – asking what are we practicing and why? We’ll take time to identify our deeply held values, assess our individual needs, and notice our present state. And then we’ll approach the practice as an opportunity to learn what serves us (and what doesn’t) through experience, through trial and error, and through maintaining awareness of what is showing up, without judgment.

We’ll discuss how to align our physical practice with our values, so that we can be committed and consistent about showing up. We’ll invite conversation about how to use practice as self-care, as

community care, and as a way to build resiliency for difficult times.

For the purposes of this retreat, we’ll focus on the physical asana practice, pranayama (breathing practice), and diet & nutrition choices as a personal practice.  The nutrition portion will focus on a mindful way of approaching food choices. We will cover:

  • Solutions to the dilemma food can present in a way that is personally satisfying and in alignment with our deepest values
  • liberating yourself from old thinking habits about food and enabling you to live more joyfully with food
  • finding your healthy body weight

Topics will include:

  • What is Mindfulness? And, ways to implement mindfulness into your daily life
  • Diets and a Better Way
  • Vegan? Vegetarian? Plant Based… or…? Introducing a whole food, plant based diet
  • What is on your plate? (how to plan a healthy plant based diet, critical nutrients, supplementing, the “protein question“)
  • Food as medicine (how to influence your health with mindful eating)
  • The profound impacts of our food choices: acting in alignment with our humanity
  • Cultivating kindness and compassion

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